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In Trecnia we provide innovative solutions to our industrial customers through environmental technologies, ventilation systems and anticorrosive equipment.

We offer our customers the knowledge, professionalism, experience and responsibility of our company.


Under the good practices, the environment sustainability and the friendly-user philosophy, TRECNIA offer our engineering services to our customers.

We give solution to the industry challenges in the following working areas:

  • Basic engineering
  • Detail engineering
  • Project management

Industrial thermoplastic piping

TRECNIA’s human capital provides an extensive experience in the assembling of thermoplastic piping systems and installations. Our ability to resolve problems is supported by an excellent technical team.

Order and cleanliness are our trademark and the priority of our work, ensuring the work quality, the safety of our equipment and the health of our staff.

Trecnia are specialized to relocate or modify existing plants; always guaranteeing the maximum re-use of the equipment and materials and their total care in the transport to the new location.


Commisioning and training

With a staff specialized in different areas, we carry out adjustments, adaptations and start-up of disused installations.

Whether it is an installation by our company or a third party, Trecnia is a guarantee of quality for all customers. We evaluate existing systems and update them to new technologies to ensure optimum performance and peace of mind for customers in the future.

Our process specialists, your solution

We train our clients in the acquired or re-assembled facilities. Appropriate documentation for each profile are generated to ensure that users acquire full knowledge of the system.

Maintenance plans

A personalized attention allows us to evaluate the needs and operativity of each client; offering maintenance plans adapted to each company and process.

We achieve the calm of our clients and we prevent accidents or unexpected interruptions in the productive processes.

  • MPR – Predictive maintenance

We detect probable defects and faults in systems, and we plan their correction adapting the actions to the production.

  • MPV – Preventive maintenance

By MPV we review and correct defects on the equipment, ensuring optimal working conditions

We offer a scheduled plan to replace equipment, thus anticipating the incurred costs that appeared in the future.

  • MCO – Corrective maintenance

We execute scheduled or urgent corrective maintenance to rectify the faults or defects detected. We fix the problem and re-establish the functioning of the equipment or installation in the shortest time.

  • ICD – Inspection and Certification

We provide inspection and certification services for vessels and tanks, in accordance with current legislation and to prevent future accidents.

SAT - Technical Assistance Service

Trecnia’s after-sales service guarantees customers the comfort of having all their day-to-day needs and emergencies covered. We offer a specialized service, fast and close, covering both our own and third products.

Thanks to an effective monitoring program, we ensure a fast and accurate repair or replacement of equipment. When you choose the Trecnia Technical Assistance Service, you are choosing a partner with national and international coverage with its own technicians and the technical services of its own brands.

Our after-sales service will keep you informed of the advances in the sector and will inform you of the improvements available in your equipment, so that your installation complies with future legislation.

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