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Absorption / neutralization

Chemicals are present in most industries. The Manufacturing or product processing generate environmentally harmful gases.

We eliminate the contaminants existing in the gas by means of absorption and neutralization scrubbers, thereby complying with the strictest regulations on gas emissions and adapting the air streams to customer needs.

Built with the most advanced filling technologies and the most efficient demisters, our scrubbers are able to reduce the pressure drop and to increase the performance of our equipment. We are experts in waste optimization, and in lowering operating and maintenance costs.

Vertical and horizontal scrubbers adapted to all challenges and needs.

commitment to zero environmental impact

Biogas desulphurization

The environmental and economic constraints of fossil fuels make biogas an increasingly popular source of energy. Biomethanization uses the biodegradation of organic fractions or sludge by transforming carbon chains into methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The resulting biogas stream must be purified at levels below 400 ppmv to ensure its use in combined heat and power engines.

We manufacture biofilters, biotricklings and bioscrubbers which decompose hydrogen sulphide without the use of any chemical reactive, therefore achieving an extremely competitive exploitation cost significantly lower than the chemical treatment.

The environmental value of your company is exponentially increased when you use a biologically based technology

Odours treatment

Odour emissions are one of the main problems in the cohabitation between industry and society, causing annoyance among those affected. Containing the focus and good business practices are not always enough to reduce odours. Society’s awareness of the environment and increasingly restrictive legislation require odour elimination technologies in most cases.

The choice in the treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) will depend on the concentration, the flow-rate, the emitting hours, the available space, etc.

We design biofilters, activated carbon equipment and washing systems to efficiently eliminate industrial odours.

synergy between industrial and urban areas

Stream adjustment

Emissions treatment are not the only factory requirements. There are several processes in which the streams must be adjusted and transformed to achieve specific physico-chemical properties.

Gas treatment is not only focused on end of pipe solutions. Trecnia offer individual solutions for each industrial challenge.

We design and manufacture cooling gas systems. Direct humidification and dehumidification systems are available by using physical adsorption.

tailor-made solutions for the most exigent industries

Liquefied gas safety installations

Liquefied gases such as sulphur dioxide (SO2), chlorine (Cl2) or ammonia (NH3), among others, must be properly stored according to their technical regulations, ensuring their treatment in the case of leaks from storage bottles.

Trecnia offer turnkey solutions that guarantee personnel safety and protects the environment. We guarantee the control and extinction leakage by three actions:

Detection equipment detects warehouse leakage

Sweeping with stream the warehouse avoiding outdoor leaks and prevent equipment’s corrosion

Pollutants are removing without environment emissions

safety installations


In some sectors, such as slurry or leachate plants, it is necessary to treat collected water with high loads of ammonia (NH3) or hydrogen sulfide (H2S) before it is evacuated to any effluent or physical-chemical process.

We decontaminate liquid effluents through optimal stripping systems. Volatilizing the contaminants, we return effluents with low loads of pollutants.

Our turnkey solutions also include the gas treatment emitted in the desorption, closing the cycle and offering a clean and environmentally friendly solution.

integral solutions for liquid effluents

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