Dust & mist removal

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Dust filtration

Our range of technologies allows us to implement in any challenge the most appropriate equipment and system.

Filtration guarantee


Cyclones are economical and reliable equipment with a very low operating cost.

We study the stream and implement the most appropriate design to minimize the pressure drop with the maximum efficiency.

We achieve collection efficiencies up to 95 in PM10, and del 70% in PM2,5.

Cartridge and bag filters

Sleeve filters have a low investment cost but a high exploitation cost. In TRECNIA we prioritize the cartridge filters installation which increase their durability and decrease the future cost.

Optimized design according to the granulometry, from coarse dust to suspended particles lower than 0,1 mm.

Venturi systems

Water: Our partner in filtration.

The most aggressive and peculiar particulate streams are abated trouble-free. We achieve high removal rates without the inconvenience of clogging the filters or making unscheduled stops in the industry.

Our venturi systems are a guarantee of safety operation.

Aerosol removal

Generally released from chemical reactions, galvanic processes or surface treatment, aerosols are highly harmful pollutants to the health and the environment.

Oil mists, hydrochloric acid (HCl) or hexavalent (Cr6+) and trivalent (Cr3+) chromium emissions are not inconvenient for our aerosol removal systems.

Based on the coalescing between particles, our plants fully comply with the strictest European and American emission legislations.

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